April 23, 2020

Running, one year apart

On April 4th of last year, we drove down to the St. Luke’s Outpatient Clinic in Hailey and the doctor sawed my cast off. I had my arm back! I could type again!

A few days later, I started jogging every morning with Elizabeth. We’d leave our apartment and run to the Warm Springs Lodge and back.

I could barely run the 3 mile loop. Maybe part of it was the 5,000’ of elevation, but more likely it was because I was terrible at running.

On 4/20/2019, I recorded a 4 mile run at a 9:57 pace. Slow and painful.

I started to actually enjoy running in Sun Valley. I dreaded getting going, but once we were outside and moving, I loved it. I loved the snow-covered Sawtooths and the cold air. Since we left, one of my process goals has been to run every day.

On 4/20/2020, I recorded a 4 mile run here in SF at a 8:26 pace. Still slow, but getting faster. And unlike last year, I enjoyed it the entire time.

Running in Sun Valley 4/20/2019 in Sun Valley

Running in SF 4/20/2020 in San Francisco

The trail in Sun Valley The running/biking trail in Sun Valley

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