November 24, 2019

Munger, on Trump

Munger: Don’t expect too much of human nature. I have a rule for politicians — it’s a stoic rule. I always reflect that they are never so bad you don’t live to want them back.”

He describes the scene in California when he first arrived LA: lawyers, insurance brokers, and car dealers running around Sacramento greasing pockets, trying to get every advantage through legislation they could. Crooks, all of them.”

Oh how I wish we could have all of those crooks back. You laugh, you young people, but you’re going to live to wish Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump were immortal.”

I wonder if it’s different this time, or if we’ll look at whatever crackpots are running the country in 20 years, and fondly wish again for this simple” era.

Of course, perhaps it’ll be even worse. As Kurt Vonnegut is quoted, Fear is waking up and realizing your high school class is running the country.”

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