May 15, 2020


I feel like I’ve been late to everything in life.

I was late to learn to talk.

Late to walk.
Late to start kindergarten.
Late to learn phonics.
Late to read Harry Potter.
Late to get an Xbox.
Late to black out.
Late to choose a major.
Late to make real friends.
Late to start programming.
Late to buy a suit.
Late to get a job.*
Late to drink coffee.
Late to open a 401(k).
Late to start writing.
Late to learn design.
Late to get married.*
Late to move to a new city.
Late to thank my parents for everything they’ve done.
Late to start blogging.
Late to start tweeting.
Late late late late late late late.

It’s why I like this quote: Don’t mistake speed for precocity. The world doesn’t need wrong answers in record time.”1

*Still pending…

  1. Cennydd Boyles, on product management. (Not life)

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