January 16, 2020

I’ll finish that tonight.”

I seem to get done exactly what I need or want to finish whether or not I have a deadline. But when there’s a deadline, I get things done sooner.

At 3pm yesterday, sitting in Industrious, I thought to myself, It’s okay the day is running out, I can finish that up later tonight.”

But then I realized I’ve learned two things. First, I’ll do it later today” is an excuse to not get it done right now. And second, Later Today” is really about an hour of unfocused anxious time after the dishes are put away but before my eyes start to droop.

So I’m going to stop allowing myself to work at night.

It’s a 2.7 mile walk back home from the office to our apartment. That should be the time I decompress, walk out what’s rattling in my brain, and walk into our apartment finished for the day.

If I can’t get it done before I leave the office, then it has to wait until the next morning.

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