November 19, 2018

Guns, Germs and Sweat

I find it hard to focus on computer scripts when I’m sweating through my t-shirt.

While it doesn’t get mentioned in Guns Germs and Steel, I wonder how much an impact the heat has on progress.

It’s certainly harder to focus and harder to think (for me, at least) when it’s hot outside.

My ideal library is in a cozy cabin. Sitting in a comfortable chair, next to a fire, surrounded by books, looking out the window at snow on the ground.

Not outside sitting in 90 degree heat.

Middle-Northern Europe, Beijing, Russia, Japan, the Koreas, and all of the original great American cities (NYC, Philly, Boston, Detroit, Chicago) all exist at about the same latitude.

My brain is whispering Occam’s Razor.

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