June 17, 2018

Greg LeMond

It never gets easier, you just get faster.”

There is something inspirational in knowing that Greg LeMond also sweats his face off when he bikes for an hour. The main difference between me and him is that when he bikes for an hour, he can ride the length of an entire marathon.

It reminds me of learning PHP late at night at a tiny desk on the 7th floor of Central Library. If my laptop wouldn’t spit out what I expected, I’d threaten to throw it out the window.

My laptop never listened to me.

I often forget about my late nights in Central Library. I forget how maddening it was learning how to program.

Nowadays I can easily store values in variables and manipulate strings. But figuring out the right system of tests to run or the right database architecture to choose is still maddening.

Learning is hard. I hope it keeps feeling hard.

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