April 15, 2020

Bill’s Guide To Bread

A couple years ago, Elizabeth gave me a copy of Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast.

I ordered the recommended 12 quart Cambro tub, kitchen scale, and thermometer. I weighed my flour down to the gram and stressed about the ambient temperature of our kitchen.

In the end, it worked. I baked an edible loaf of homemade bread.

My bread interest has spawned other interests: pressing masa tortillas, sourdough pizza crust, and an ever-growing fermentation station complete with preserved lemons and kombucha.

Now, because of quarantine, not only is toilet paper sold out, but so is dried yeast!

But you don’t need yeast to bake sourdough. I’ve been shipping dried chips of starter (a descendant of the starter my brother gave me) to friends around the country. Text me if you want me to mail you some.

I’ve also typed up more in-depth instructions for creating, caring for, and using starter, as more and more people are asking for help.

Thus, I present: Bill’s Guide To Baking Bread

My first sourdough batch My first tub of sourdough bread, ~2.5 years ago

Two loaves Overnight Country White

The cross-section Unbeatable texture

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