Almost out of stock

After our 5am flight landed in Salt Lake City this morning, we headed into Industrious downtown for the wifi and coffee. An array of just-add-water Milk Labs oatmeal cups were spread out on the counter. The almond flavor is my favorite.

I decided to grab an extra cup for tomorrow - in case we need breakfast before skiing. This is typical behavior. I take oatmeal cups home from Industrious in preparation for waking up on a Saturday and needing a quick breakfast.

Then I chuckled to myself. I never completely run out of oatmeal cups. When I’m down to one in the pantry, I’ll bring another back from the office. Is this psychotic?

I do this with everything.

Like any good guilty-of-trans-pacific-flight-carbon-emissions millennials, Elizabeth and I have been filling up with rice and dried beans at Rainbow Co-op bulk bins. We never run out of black beans because we buy more black beans when we’re running low.

In 10 years, I think the beans in the bottom of the glass jar will be 10 years old.

Why don’t I wait until we’re completely out? There’s not a real risk of running out of food. We’re surrounded by Trader Joe’s and corner stores and farmers markets. I have this mental construct that it’s nice having a padding of supplies … just in case.

Just in case I decide to eat three cups of oatmeal in one morning?

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